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Events, Exhibitions – Zuzana Veselá

In Prague again!

On November 10, 2023 at 7:00 p.m., this year’s second sales exhibition of works by Zuzana Veselá will open in the places where she lives today. After the great success of the exhibition in Malostranská Beseda in Malá strana, you will have the opportunity to see a selection of Zuzana’s latest works in the newly opened KarmaZdarma Café Bar at Moskevská street (58) in Prague. Of those presented, the diptych EDEN, which was selected by the jury as the best in a local competition in Poggi, Italy, will be of particular interest.

You can look forward to the following works, for the first time in the form of signed numbered prints:

Seemingly incompatibe

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Poggi, IT, 2022

Zuzana has won 1st place in the Poggi annual artist exhibition.

Local poster invitation

(there are three cathegories, photography, poetry and paintings).

The paintings that attracted the attention of the evaluation committee are not finished yet however the idea, the technique and the overall spirit of the work was credited.


Many thanks to Marina, the local organizer – for organizing such a wonderful event even in the extreme hot conditions

Marina and Zuzana

and local sponsors, for providing excellent prizes.

Sponsor: Alcide Ferro, Agroturismo Cian de Basue, GRAZIE!
Sponsor: Agriturismo Uliveto Saglietto GRAZIE!

Arona, IT, 2022

Zuzana presented her newest art in Italy this summer. Her works were displayed on the main boardwalk in Arona along with paintings of Riccardo Rommozzi (IT, Marche).

Zuzana and Riccardo with prizes, main organizer dott. Domenico Furfaro and Ferruccio Cairo, Presidente del consiglio comunale

Zuzana and Riccardo would like to thank most cordially for this wonderful evening event to dott. Domenico Furfaro, the main organizer. In his own language: „Grazie di cuore al Dott. Domenico Furfaro presidente di OurTown Trade s.r.o. per la grande organizzazione dell’evento „ARTISTI A CIELO APERTO“.“

The event has been given coverage in the local press. IlSanCarlone.

„E’ stata inaugurata ieri sera alle 18 sul lungo lago Marconi ad Arona la mostra “ARTISTI A CIELO APERTO”, la mostra artistica di Romozi Riccardo, artista marchigiano e Veselà Zuzana, artista della Repubblica Ceca che per l’occasione si sono riunite per far conoscere le loro opere. La serata è stata presentata da Mirco Floccari e per l’occasione sono intervenuti in rappresentanza del Comune di Arona i consiglieri Monica d’Alessandro, Antonio Furfaro e Denise Mazzari, insieme al Presidente del Consiglio Ferruccio Cairo.“

A special focus was given to the local patrone, San Carlo di Borromeo, whose statue (second largest in the world, of those accessible inside) is in Arona.

These are paintings created to celebrate the influence of the Borromeo family over the ages.

Prague, Žofín, 2022

  1. st International Conference ::
    Family as a reference group, a place where you want to belong

Zuzana prepared a painting for this conference „seemingly incompatible“, which was auctioned with the help of Czech famous actor Jan Čenský in favor of families in need by the organizer, „8 for family“ a not for profit organization based in Prague focusing on support of the incomplete families.